Our homeless brothers and sisters need continued support. Due to the most recent devastation we are experiencing in the United States we plan to bring sanitization kits, fresh new clothes and undergarments, emergency sleeping bags, and backpacks filled with essential items needed to feel human and provide dignity to those afflicted the most, our homeless. 

We are not stopping there. There are two types of homelessness; the chronically homeless, and being homeless due to an affliction. We plan to bring resources to the people in need of support to heal their affliction and give an opportunity to lift themselves off the streets and back into a state of self-care. 

Homelessness is caused by many reasons: joblessness, drugs, alcoholism, not being able to receive mental illness treatment, poor family life or support. The majority of the homeless population would gladly take a helping hand and find a way off the streets.

That is our mission to help be the light and shine a path into a new day.






Join with us and walk for your health and the health of the unseen families living on the streets. This is the beginning of Manifesting Your World, and we can not do it without the support of the communities and individuals such as yourself.