Julie was at the forefront of bringing the Diamond Challenge, an entrepreneurial program for high school students, to Moldova while she was giving her time to the peace corps. In her amazing story of manifestation, she followed the path of best intentions, and it has placed her in a career that continues to inspire young adults and children to reach their full potential. You will most definitely find inspiration in her story, as well as, an opportunity to participate in a rewarding Diamond Challenge for young entrepreneurs. 

Julie FryswkyAaron Schoeman
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Assistant Director

Youth Entrepreneurship Program


Ricky Inguez, a hotel restaurant server turned gym owner and passionate lover of life, learned his
success depended on one thing: his mindset
. As a man passionate about fitness and assisting others in
their health goals, Ricky entered the personal training world as he describes ‘in the hardest way’; by getting his certification and space ready before he had a strong client base. Here’s his story on how he accomplished owning his own growing business.
IG invictussportssm

Ricky InguezAaron Schoeman
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Gym owner and personal trainer

Invictus Sports Performance

Santa Maria, CA

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Do you have a calling? Every individual wants to find their calling and Mary Brierre has found her own. Mary is an end-of-life doula, a death doula, and the work she performs takes a truly special individual. There are no sufficient words that could describe the qualities Mary has and shares with the dying. Listen to Mary’s story of being called to facilitate people through the dying process and how she created the Anam Cara Academyso you may learn this remarkable profession. IG anam_cara_doula

Mary BierreAaron Schoeman
00:00 / 25:38

End of life facilitator/ Death Doula


Erin O’Donnel is a self-starter. She classifies herself as an independent contractor, yet she does so much
more. At one point in her life she was in a bad financial situation, divorce, and still had a family to
. She took a help-up, not a hand out and manifested a beautiful life by finding what businesses needed and providing that need. Hear her story of self-growth, learning to love again, and forging ahead as a true entrepreneur and leader of her own making. I hope you find inspiration and direction through her story.

Erin O'DonnelAaron Schoeman
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Self-starter/ Entrepreneur, Business Management

Beverly McDonald Weeding. Energy healer, massage therapist, sage. Explore Beverly’s story as she slides into her career and passion, literally, with a near death experience on an icy mountain pass. The second lease on life is a purposeful moment that can be life changing. Beverly is also the author of MYW’s health blog. Enjoy this empowering interview and gain insight to the career field of a healer.

Beverly McDonald WeedingAaron Schoeman
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Reiki Healer/Massage Therapist

www.justbreiki.com  IG: justbmassage 

Gain insight into what it takes to become a leader in your industry and become a well-known name in the finance industry. Kash said it best, “learn to discipline your disappointment”. This is a sage piece of wisdom for you, the listeners, to embrace and take to heart. Learning to discipline your disappointment will free you from the fears associated to finding success and manifesting the world you wish to see.

Kash-Wayne CampbellAaron Schoeman
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Real Estate Broker/ Mentor/ Industry Leader

Author of, Stumbling Upon My Purpose, Christopher Chaplin deliveries a heart-felt story of learning what it takes to go it alone. A son afflicted from an early age; Christopher taught himself how to heal. This conversation is a true masterpiece in itself on how one deals with having a story that needs to be told and not knowing how to tell it. He went to learn the skills required to be recognized by a publishing house and how to write. Christopher went on to publish his story of healing his son, as well as, authoring children’s stories. You can find his works at artbycac.com, and if interested in publishing your own book check out masterpiecefactory.com

Christopher ChaplinAaron Schoeman
00:00 / 29:31

Self-taught Author, CEO & Founder of Masterpiecefactory Inc. masterpiecefactory.com

Franco “Frankie” Flores started his journey to perfect his craft and become an entrepreneur from a very early age. He has a very inspiring story full of great advice on transmuting negative feedback into a fire to become successful in his industry. Let this conversation guide you to insight into what it takes to be successful in your endeavors. Frankie has been inspiring the youth since the beginning of his journey and continues to do so as he shares his story of overcoming the odds and lives in a state of winning. If you are in the San Diego area check out his website, libertybarbershopsd.com and book an appointment.

Franco FloresAaron Schoeman
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Barber &vShop Owner


Melissa Evans Tierra is your multi-faceted creator. She was faced with uncertainty from a car accident that left her hand damaged, with a long road to recovery she discovered the will power it took to further her classical training and be accepted to Cleveland Institute of Music, where she earned her Master’s Degree. Listen to her story of having clear direction, strength, and the determination it takes to manifest the world she wanted for herself.

Melissaevanstierra.com Masterfulmusician.com


Melissa Evans TierraAaron Schoeman
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Classical Pianist, artist, entrepreneur of San Diego Piano Academy and Masterfulmusician.com