By joining the MYW program, we are able to tailor the support to homeless families and individuals that need on-going assistance in the way it takes to eventually allow them to integrate back into society. This will include emergency essentials for survival and cleanliness, linking them to essential services that can assist in healing their affliction. MYW insures the growth of this movement. We need the community leaders and supporters to join us to insure hygiene kits, food, and water reach as many individuals and families as possible with on-going support.


Your contribution has made you part of a movement to benefit the less fortunate with supplies they need

to survive in an unsheltered environment.  It brings love hope and support to those who have suffered from an affliction of their own or misfortune.  The dignity kits we produce and deliver to these individuals are provided by people like you who care and take action by joining causes like this.

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Every supporter makes a huge difference.


Get involved with a grassroots movement to bring hygiene to those suffering the most, our brothers and sisters living on the streets. Food and water will also be donated to these individuals. Resource cards are distributed that provides access to healing afflictions and additional resources.


Community leaders make an impact to keep Manifesting Your World going with your support.


You will be providing essentials to EIGHT or more homeless individuals. We will be providing Bathe Bottle baths for hygenic full body baths, backpacks filled with clothes and gear to get through the cold nights. Also, food, water and a connection to resources that assist in healing afflictions. 


Ambassador level support provides the greates benefit to the most people.


Your entry provides essentials and support to TWENTY-FIVE homeless individuals, which include:

25 Bathe Bottle baths for the homeless sanitary bathing.

5 backpacks filled with clothes and gear to get through the cold nights. Also, food and water.

Plus, connections to local resources to identify afflictions and start the healing process to lift individuals off the streets.